The Toronto Dollar Lives On!

We would like to introduce you to the re-birth of Toronto Dollar (TD$).

The TD$ project began as a citizens’ action in the St. Lawrence neighbourhood of Toronto.  It was launched in December 1998 at the St. Lawrence Market with Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman in attendance.  Local merchants accepted TD$ and redeemed them for 90 cents on the dollar.  As a result, 10% of every TD$ sold could be directed to a fund supporting local community projects under the auspices of local agencies and community organizations.

It’s been over a year since Toronto Dollar Community Projects suspended the sales of Toronto Dollar (TD$) at the St. Lawrence Market.  Nevertheless, the TD$ lives on!  Not as everyone has known it in the past, but rather with a focus on giving a charitable organization a way to thank its volunteers for their service.  The TD$ is now part of Seeds of Hope Foundation.

Here is how it now works …

A charitable organization purchases TD$ from Toronto Dollar Community Projects and give them as an honorarium to its volunteers.  Participating local merchants agree to accept TD$ for their goods and/or services.  A volunteer makes a purchase with TD$ at a participating local merchant, who then redeems the TD$ from Toronto Dollar Community Projects at par.  Many volunteers can be people with low incomes or on social assistance.  Receiving TD$ gives them additional income which they can spend at local merchants and does not reduce their social assistance entitlement.

This new approach is still in the pilot phase. 6 St Joseph House has received some donations to purchase TD$ and is giving them to its volunteers as an honorarium for their service.  They are also recruiting merchants in the Yonge-Wellesley area to accept TD$.

One continuing part of Toronto Dollar is the Supper Club, which continues to meet at Hot House Cafe on Mondays, usually once a month.

Thanks to many of you who have volunteered your time and commitment to Toronto Dollar over the years. If you wish to renew or continue your involvement with Toronto Dollar please contact Kimberly Curry @